I’m broadly interested in research in statistical and population genetics. In my PhD project, together with my supervisor and a collaborator, I have developed a new method to find genetic interactions affecting complex traits.

We are applying our method to nearly 100 traits in the UK Biobank, an amazing genomic and health dataset, and have found interactions affecting more than half of these traits and involving genes known to be relevant for important diseases such as asthma or Alzheimer’s.

We are currently generating and interpreting final results from this analysis and hope to have a paper detailing our findings ready in the coming months!


Hu, S., Ferreira, L.A.F., Shi, S., Hellenthal, G.,* Marchini, J.,* Lawson, D.J,* Myers, S.R.* (2023). Leveraging fine-scale population structure reveals conservation in genetic effect sizes between human populations across a range of human phenotypes. bioRxiv.